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23 June 2020

Lukashenko: I want us to maintain peace and stability in Belarus

BREST, 23 June (BelTA) – We need to maintain peace and stability in the country, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he talked to residents of the city, representatives of the Brest opposition on 22 June, BelTA has learned.

The president noted that he respects the opinion of people, even if he does not share their views. “I was a good student in Soviet times. I studied today's democracy not by books. There is a majority; it is basically always a decision-maker. But there is a minority we need to listen to. Therefore, I do not think that you [the opinion of the minority] should be neglected. I am not flirting with you, and I am not going to flatter you. I believe that anyone has the right to express his position," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

At the same time, the head of state stressed that he strongly disagrees when someone - whether a minority or a majority - behaves aggressively. “I am a peaceful person, I do not want us to somehow destroy the peace and stability that exist in the country today. Someone say this stability is abnormal saying they do not need such stability. Well, we, I together with many of you, have developed this country to the best of our abilities, and it is what it is. Maybe others will do better. Everything will be decided on 9 August,” the Belarusian leader said, assuring that there will be no falsifications during the upcoming elections.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also responded to some people's criticism about the president's significant involvement in agriculture. He noted that it is largely due to the attention of the head of state to this sector that the agricultural export has been growing bringing billions of dollars into the country.

“I want the situation to be quiet and calm," the president said, addressing representatives of the Brest opposition. “Please remember: Brest is not only your city. It is also my city. Much has been done in the city with the support of the country's leadership, including in the run-up to the millennium of Brest. For example, the western bypass was built. “We allocated huge money for this. I came to inspect the progress in the construction to make sure they would finish in time for the millennium. I mean I have already done a lot for this city. Now it is your turn," the president said stressing that the city's residents can solve many local problems at the grassroots level. At the level of the head of state and on his initiative, more significant projects are being implemented, such as the the ones to develop the high-tech park or to build the nuclear power plant.

The head of state said that he is aware of all political developments in the country and what they write about him, what they call him sometime. In this regard, he urged not to turn to insults. “There is no need to hound us, insult us," he warned. “I am still the sitting president. No country allows insulting people. I did not insult any of you personally. And if you want to protect all sorts of crooks, please go ahead, but without me. Corrupt people have nothing to do in the country," he said. In particular, the Belarusian leader mentioned the investigation, which is currently underway into the siphoning of significant sums of money and money laundering. “He poses as a philanthropist. He said he bought the painting for the country. What did it turn out? These paintings belong to them. Why did we have to take action? Because they started to cover their traces, they started to take out money, paintings. When we went to the bank, you know what we found in deposit boxes? Money is not the main thing. We found flash drives, hard drives and a sea of information. This is what their masters are afraid of," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“And you are playing along," he added. "Why? They have tonnes of property abroad. They will go there, sooner or later. They will run away, and you will stay here. Think about what I said,” the president added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko called on everyone to unite in the name of the country's interests and build a prosperous future. “You have children. So do I. I want them to live in a free, independent country. We have had our fare share of oppression, poverty in our history. Let's get together and protect the country,” the head of state noted.