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20 April 2020

Belarus considers two packages of measures to support economy amid pandemic

Belarus is considering two packages of measures to support the economy amid the pandemic, Belarus' Economy Minister Aleksandr Chervyakov said as he met with representatives of business associations, BelTA learned from the website of the Economy Ministry.

The economy minister informed that the government has sent the draft decree on the support of the economy in the face of the pandemic to the Presidential Administration for consideration. The second level of measures was considered at the recent meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers. However, following the meetings with business, the Economy Ministry sees the need for the third level of measures to stabilize the situation after the pandemic.

“We meet with business on a weekly basis. We are monitoring the situation in the regions and industries. These meetings will continue until the pandemic is over. This platform is a channel of direct communication between business and the government in a free format,” Aleksandr Chervyakov said.

One of the topics of concern to business is electricity payments. Deputy Energy Minister Sergei Reentovich explained that Belenergo company will issue a local legal act that will reduce the penalties to 0.002% of the amount of customers' outstanding prepayment obligations for each calendar day of delay (the contracts provided for a penalty of 1/365 of the refinancing rate, which is 0.024%). It is assumed that this measure can be applied for three months (from 1 April to 30 June).

At the suggestion of business associations, representatives of the Finance Ministry, the Taxes and Duties Ministry and the National Bank will be invited for the next meeting.