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Regional Executive Committee

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Площадь 17 сентября
Площадь 17 сентября
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14 August 2020

Over 100 thousand tons of bread are to be supplied as a state order to the agrarians of Vitebsk region.

13 August 2020

The agrarians of Vitebsk region intend to complete the pulling of flax by mid-August, the Committee on Agriculture and Food of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee said.

12 August 2020

Chairman of the State Control Committee Ivan Tertel was appointed the authorized representative of the head of state in Vitebsk region.

11 August 2020

The team of Vitebsk region organization of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union took second place at the XV sports and educational forum for working youth «Olympia - 2020».

10 August 2020

In the Vitebsk region honored the first combine operator-thousand maker.

7 August 2020

OJSC "Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory" has opened two modern agro-industrial facilities - aproduction site and a grain drying complex, which will become part of the company's feedproduction line.

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